Caring For The Environment

Allied Welsh are committed to minimising environmental impact and are guided by environmental objectives when undertaking all loft conversions. The environment is an important element of our industry that needs consideration and action. Being leaders in our field, we have for many years seen the importance of reducing the impact of our trade on the environment and are constantly looking for new ideas to reduce the burden. You can be assured that an Allied Welsh loft conversion is environmentally-friendly.


Nine years ago our vans were converted to run on LPG (liquid petroleum gas) and we haven’t looked back since! We installed two tanks in the depot, and the vans still operate on LPG to this day.
Recently we have been exploring the possibilities of Bio-Diesel, and are researching the costs, sourcing and reliability of this new fuel, with a tank being installed at the depot. At present three vehicles operate on Bio-Diesel, and we are constantly evaluating its performance and compatibility to our trade.
When it comes to the type of timber we use in our loft conversions, presently our timber is sourced from Jewson, who assure us that their efforts to supply sustainable materials is of the highest importance. All timber purchased is certified via a process called “Chain of Custody”. This ensures the timber has been harvested from legal and sustainable means. For more information on the “Chain of Custody” please follow the link below.
At our head office all paper materials used in the drawing and preparation stages of loft conversions are recycled using our local government scheme. Follow the link below for more information. In addition to this scheme the architectural department started several years ago phasing out all antiquated manual drawing boards, and now solely use personal computers for all design and drawing work. We are pleased to say that as a result the amount of paper used per job has reduced dramatically.
Measures have been taken to reduce the amount of timber being sent to overfull landfill sites. We have arranged for waste timber, off-cuts, old doors etc to be collected from our depot, and recycled. A dedicated recycling skip has also been established at our depot and this has resulted in large economic and environmental saving. For more information on recycling and what you and your workplace can do please follow the link below.
We are aware of the increase in use of solar panel on domestic roofs and have worked in conjunction with specialist solar panel companies to allow the additional living areas a loft can provide to work with the savings of solar panel installation.
When carrying out our loft conversions, one of the elements you can guarantee will be used is insulation. At present we use two types of insulation, both surpassing all building and safety regulations, and this helps to maintain the required temperatures in the dwelling. Follow the links below for more information


About Allied Welsh Loft Conversions

Allied Welsh specialise in loft conversions in South Wales and the West with loft conversions regularly carried out in Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Newport, Swansea, Reading and London. Allied Welsh offer you a stress-free loft conversion, from planning and building regulations application, right the way through to final site clearance upon completion.

We do all we can to take the stress out of your home improvements.