Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take you to build my loft conversion?
Some lofts are larger than others, some are more complex than others. As a rough guide the structure could be completed within 15/20 days.

Do I need planning permission?
Everyone’s situation will vary, it is a complex topic which is why we will check that planning permission is or isn’t required, leave it to us to make sure.

Is the price given fixed?
All our quotations for loft conversions, extensions and garage conversions are at a fixed price.

How long will it take before we can start?
Before your loft conversion is carried out, plans and sections need to be drawn, some need planning (8 weeks), structural calculations, building the stairs, fabricating steel and informing the relevant authorities that we are going to be working on your loft. For us to get everything ready a rough estimate would be between approximately between 12 and 24 weeks.

Who supervises the work you are going to carry out on my property?
An independent building control company will check that everything we build complies with current building regulations. This is beneficial for you because you get your building regulations certificate and you can trust us to meet an approved standard. Also our Operation Managers oversee all projects, ensuring our standards are met on your property.

What insurance do you have to carry out my loft conversion?
We provide a 5 year insurance backed guarantee on labour and materials. We are also a member of F.O.M.B., and C.I.T.A..

Do I need to talk to my neighbour about my loft conversion?
If one of the walls to your house adjoin a wall of your neighbours house and we need to use it in your loft, we will need to comply with the Party Wall Act etc 1996. We will send you a letter and ask you to take it round to your neighbour and ask them to sign it.

Do I need steel in my loft conversion even though I do not want a dormer?
In most cases yes, it depends on existing structure and new structure to be added. A full structural floor, to meet regulations, has to be independent to the existing structure.

I have a modern trussed roof with a "W" shape in my loft, are you sure you can convert my loft?
A trussed roof is different to a traditional purlin roof, but yes we can convert your loft.

How do I change the plans once they are drawn?
Simply call the office and ask to speak to one of the three in-house architects who drew your plans.

What should I do next?
Call the office on the free phone number: 0800 458 3334, and have a chat with the surveyor who called and knows your property, he will help advise you what to do from there.

About Allied Welsh Loft Conversions

Allied Welsh specialise in loft conversions in South Wales and the West with loft conversions regularly carried out in Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Newport, Swansea, Reading and London. Allied Welsh offer you a stress-free loft conversion, from planning and building regulations application, right the way through to final site clearance upon completion.

We do all we can to take the stress out of your home improvements.